Elements Furniture Collection

This week, we continue to bring you an in-depth look at the finishes of the ELEMENTS COLLECTION. Perhaps the most eye-catching surface available, EGGSHELL SNAKESKIN is completely unique.

As the name implies, this finish has an incredible, snakeskin-like effect but is made up entirely out of eggshell. A classic heritage design used throughout fashion, it is endlessly intricate and unlike anything else

Below is an example of the Eggshell Snakeskin design being used for the tabletops in London’s new Mexican restaurant, Ella Canta, run by celebrity chef Martha Ortiz within one of London’s most sought after hotels.

Ella Canta Restaurant in London (image by photographer David Collins from The Studio)

Eggshell Snakeskin draws on Asia’s rich ornamental tradition, where eggshell has long been used for decorative purposes. Nowadays, the process remains the same as before.

The shells are toasted in a coal-fired oven, then the inner membrane is removed in a delicate and time consuming process. Once inlaid, a thin layer of resin is applied on top and very carefully sanded and polished for the final effect. The coloured resin stays in the wells and dips of the shell’s natural contours, giving it the distinctive snakeskin like pattern.

The Elements Collection comprises of side, coffee and console tables and both square and rectangular mirrors. The Eggshell Snakeskin finish is available in Sapphire Blue, Burgundy, White and Black; the same colours are also available with a variegated finish.

The simplicity of the Elements Furniture Collection is a perfect pairing for the Eggshell Snakeskin finish; its understated design provides the perfect display for this spectacular and inimitable pattern.

The Elements Collection is available now.
For brochures, price lists and samples please contact Nick Gee at ng@naturesquared.com