Abaca Bark

The Abaca plant belongs to the family of the banana plant and has been cultivated in the Philippines since the 1500’s. 300 years later, in the 1800’s, its fibres become known worldwide as the ideal for crafting ropes in ship rigging. It is considered to be the strongest natural fibre to date.

Today we strive to retrieve most of our bark from local farmers, as it is our mission to establish a symbiotic relationship with the local community. In doing so, we enhance and prioritize the well-being of the Abaca farmers.


The Abaca plant itself provides an immense potential for our R&D team, due to its versatility. While most industries focus primarily on the fibres, we specialize in inlaying the bark itself.

The unique colour pattern, also known as Havana skin, has an archaic quality to it. Due to the materials low tensile strength, it is not easily susceptible to penetration of different colorants. This phenomenon ensures the natural colour spectrum of the material itself, ranging from dark brown to golden yellow and light beige.