Rainbow Abalone

Creating an Abalone Rainbow Inlay that brings out the natural and striking wild beauty of the material requires the skill of a true artisan. The crystalline structure of the shell reflects light in a distinctive way. The shades of colours reflecting from the

shell structure appear like a kaleidoscope, forming fractals of vivid and surreal colours. Though it features prominently amongst our lustrous surfaces, we are nonetheless aware of the environmental and poaching threats that the Rainbow Abalone is currently facing.

Community Farm

Its dark, grey flesh and lustrous shell, unfortunately, faces an array of threats caused by a series of environmental factors. For this reason, we obtain our Abalone Shells solely from a community water-based farm in South Africa; a farm that believes in the social, economic and environmental benefits provided by community-based farming.

The farm’s flagship product is canned abalone; their excess product — the Abalone shells — is our yield! Our production team handles each shell with devoted attention and care. All material is hand cut, trimmed and carefully selected for pattern and colour.