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NATURE SQUARED & archisource UNVEIL NEW TROPHIES FOR the FIFTH DRAWING OF THE YEAR AWARDS, during the London festival of architecture.


 6-9th June, Barge House, oxo tower


Come to see THE DOTY 2024 AWARD WINNERS & FINALISTS and Be immersed in a world of visual creativity.

Explore a showcase of the best drawings and creative imagery from around the world. The exhibition features an immense array of creative works from top architects, designers, artists and emerging talents recognised in the fifth Drawing of the Year Awards. Discover a unique celebration of creativity and collection of future thinkers and be inspired by an array of works that are pushing boundaries in visual representation and creative imagery. The Drawing of the Year Exhibition marks five inspiring years of celebrating creativity and innovation in architecture, design, and the arts. Set at the iconic Bargehouse at Oxo Tower Wharf on London’s South Bank, the exhibition includes captivating works across all creative processes from hand-drawn masterpieces and standout visualisations, to incredible architectural drawings.
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The striking sculptural forms originate from the exploration of natural fractures, contrasts in nature, and harmony of architectural forms. The trophies were designed to be a pair with the form being derived from extrusions of natural fracture typologies. The underpinning idea was to explore how fractured objects reveal inner beauties within nature, whilst also showcasing Nature Squared’s artisan craft and the abilities of inlaid natural finishes to create dynamic and captivating applications.
Designed to be split and reveal unique inner surfaces like those found in nature, the pair of trophies cast from waste eggshells join perfectly as one to create a seemingly solid form. Upon separation, the iridescent double curved surfaces are revealed which have been inlaid with waste dark pen seashell. The contrasting materiality is emphasized through the trophies’ form, with the curved inner surfaces symbolizing organic forms in nature juxtaposed to the seemingly disparate geometric elements of the main bodies of the trophies.

A new way of working with nature, materiality & culture

In Nature Squared’s atelier in the Philippines, a team of design, engineering, and technical experts have worked closely with their craftspeople, combining heritage artisan skills and innovative technical solutions to craft this original, striking architectural trophy drawn from the concept of natural fractures developed in collaboration with the Archisource Team.

Two worlds converging into one, united by the idea of natural fractures. The result is a set of sculptural forms that relate to the world of architecture.

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Sustainability & constant innovation

To us, sustainability means environmental and social responsibility and the two are inextricably linked. We design around organic waste streams that we divert from landfill thus averting methane production. Every sale we make adds directly and completely to our carbon negativity. We are Swiss-based but undertake all our production in the Philippines, the most vulnerable country in the world to climate change. It suffers biodiversity under threat, vulnerability to natural disasters and a constant brain drain. We employ and train artisans, chemists, engineers, draftsmen and project managers for a total workforce of 200. We enhance their heritage artisan skills with innovative and cutting-edge European technology and solutions, resulting in ground-breaking product. Providing fair wages and job security is of prime importance to Nature Squared, as is the long-term support of craft heritage in the Philippines.

“We have transformed concept into form with imagination and innovation through the artistry of our craftspeople. This mirrors the achievements of the very talented entrants for this Award. We honour the Award winners and highlight the power of sustainable design for ongoing impact. Together, we have crafted a tribute that embodies the spirit of innovation, sustainability, and artistic brilliance.”

Lay Koon Tan, Co-founder of Nature Squared

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