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Material Matters 2022
SEPT 22-25
Les Rendez-vous de la matière + Fair(e), Paris
OCT 11-12

This September and October, Nature Squared will present a range of innovative wall and floor tiles, furnishings and accessories made of waste eggshell at Material Matters 2022, and a select preview of new designs, including mirrors, at Les Rendez-vous de la Matière + fair(e).

material matters 2022

Nature Squared marks their first appearance at the inaugural edition of Material Matters 2022 with a range of contemporary calcium carbonate surfaces, furniture, and accessories made from eco-friendly and responsibly sourced sustainable eggshell.

The latest fixture on the London design calendar, Material Matters 2022 is based on the critically acclaimed podcast of the same name, and free to visit with advance registration. It brings together over 40 world-leading brands, designers, makers and organisations to celebrate the importance of materials with five floors of exhibitions, site-specific installations, a marketplace, learning space and an extensive talks programme.

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Driven by the 250,000 tons of eggshell waste generated annually worldwide, Nature Squared’s pioneering research and design teams have developed a renewable bioceramic waste eggshell material that absorbs carbon dioxide and serves as an absorbent decarbonating filter separating CO2 from industrial gases, in stark contrast to traditional ceramic and porcelain. Moulded into tiles and organic shapes, it transforms interiors while helping to address a growing environmental crisis.


Nature Squared’s revolutionary calcium carbonate material will be shown in several different forms: CArrelé wall and floor tiles – the world’s first eco-friendly, zero CO2 emission tile made of waste eggshell – and TERRAMIQUE, a new mouldable material made of sustainably sourced crushed eggshell that is used to create handcrafted organic-shaped surfaces, and bespoke eggshell inlay, demonstrating different textures of moulded waste eggshell and a variety of eggshell inlay techniques.
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Over the past two decades, Nature Squared has mastered eggshell inlay application in interiors from wall surfaces to complex curved furnishings such as bathtubs and contemporary works of art, bringing a traditional technique into modern interiors.


Nature Squared’s in-house team of artisans, engineers, and chemists develop new materials to use in innovative ways. Their workshop is based in the Philippines, where the entire design and making processes follow a strict circular approach with sustainable practice at its core. Our latest research is focusing on creating a hand-cast moulded process reminiscent of the natural textured patterns of coral.
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Les Rendez-vous de la Matière + fair(e)

Rendez-vous de la Matière + fair(e) is a professional event about innovative materials dedicated to architecture, construction and interior design. Held at the Atelier Richelieu, a townhouse and former print shop on two levels in the heart of the Bourse/Palais Royal district in Paris, this year’s event marks the 8th edition of the fair and features an immersive scenography designed by Netherlands-based architecture and urban design practice MVRDV.
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Nature Squared marks their first appearance at the Rendez-vous de la Matière + fair(e) with a preview of its elegant, minimalist furniture and accessories, including mirrors, highlighting an evolution from making surfaces to creating handmade furnishings and accessories using eco-friendly and responsibly sourced sustainable natural waste materials such as eggshell and bamboo.
Samples are available.


At the fair, KAIROS mirrors will be available to order in two sizes (60/80cm diameter), with a choice of twelve natural surfaces including pheasant feathers, mussel shells, bamboo and abalone, paired with a choice of four different-coloured glass mirrors. Each mirror has an inbuilt swivelling mechanism to adjust the angle of view by hand.
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Image 10


Nature Squared works with a wide range of often unusual natural materials, and for speciality and bespoke designs, we not only draw on our existing source library of over 3,000 surfaces, but also explore new sources for appropriate materials. Our in-house artisans specialise in customising existing surfaces from colour, scale, pattern and texture to cut, and can also provide in-house design, project management, draughtsmen, engineers, renderers and chemists. All our production is wholly owned and controlled to ensure the highest possible standards.

Please contact us HERE for more information, samples, collaborations or to discuss a specific project.

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