This Oceanco-Built Superyacht Stands Out In The Water


She stands out not merely because she is a breathtaking state of the art super yacht measuring 88.5 metres, but because of her seamless, elegant design which flows from exterior to interior. In creating this unique and luxurious boat, Australian designer Sam Sorgiovanni collaborated with Nature Squared, taking influence from the beauty and exquisiteness of nature.


The interior design further encapsulates this brief through its innovative utilisation of the natural and organic.

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Here is an excerpt from Cecile Gauert’s article for Boat International – we couldn’t put it better ourselves!

“Sorgiovanni designed the interior and most of the furniture on board and sourced the artwork and the vast array of materials, which are as unique as they are remarkable. “The owners requested a relaxed, comfortable interior with a rich blend of textures and natural materials to create a resort-like feel that has become extremely popular with many of my clients,” Sorgiovanni says.

“This time we have gone for a resort/retreat feel, like a spa type of environment that you find in the Asia Pacific region, with all natural timbers and lots of exotic materials inside, such as pufferfish skin and water buffalo horn. The idea was to make the interior very friendly and relaxing, with bamboo ceilings, bamboo floors. We used fairly neutral stones because we wanted to keep it very pure,” he adds.”

The bamboo ceilings look deceptively simple – achieving the uniformity of colour and layout took over a year of development with different strains of bamboo to meet Sam’s exacting standards.


For Nature Squared, this is so much more than just a yacht. She is the definition of quality and brilliance, displaying the scope of what can be achieved when human artistry and Mother Nature’s creations come together.

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“Sorgiovanni Designs worked closely with Swiss company Nature Squared. From the bounty that nature provides — shells, seeds, bark, stones and leathers — it chooses sustainable materials in keeping with its mission to foster environmental, economic and social well-being. Among the unexpected materials used is frog leather. It is used on bed frames, where smaller squares (each one formerly a frog) create a patchwork of deep browns. “These skins are a sustainable by-product of the common frog that is eaten locally. Each skin is carefully cleaned and treated and exhibits a natural colour variation,” the designer explains.

“Sea urchin dots” frame some of the artwork and mirrors (endemic to tropical waters, the urchins have thick spines that form an interesting pattern when they are cross cut). Inlays of duck eggshells adorn the front of recliner seats inside the yacht’s cinema. Water buffalo horn decorates bulkheads, cabinet fronts and heavy doors designed to eliminate noise transfer. Water buffalo are important to rice farmers in Asia until they are no longer able to work, at which point they usually end up on dinner plates. Their deeply ridged horns can be as long as 1.5 metres.”

We are delighted that our message of sustainable luxury is so well-exemplified on this stunningly beautiful boat; the sense of harmony pervading its interior owes no small part to the use of natural materials in clever design.

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