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Sustainability is what we stand for

Environmental, economic and social well-being is our mission


Nature Squared is an ethical design brand founded in 2000 by Paul Hoeve and Lay Koon Tan with a mission to create truly innovative sustainable surfaces for architects, designers and consumers using abundant natural materials such as eggshell, seeds, bark and feathers.

A leader in design innovation, Nature Squared combines traditional craftsmanship with cutting-edge technology to capture the beauty of materials that are not endangered, protected or threatened, sourcing predominantly from industries such as farming and fishing, transforming what would normally be considered waste.

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We are a Swiss-based company with our main production facilities in the Philippines, R&D resources in Germany and Switzerland and sales headquarters in London. Most of our 200 dedicated employees are highly skilled artisans, but also include engineers, draftsmen, project managers and chemists. We source our natural materials mainly in Asia, Africa and Europe.


Our portfolio includes Interiors Collection for ready-to-order essentials that display a modern design sensibility which will stand the test of time from mirrors to wall panels, and Bespoke Service [4], where we work closely with the world’s finest creative talents to provide original hand-crafted surfaces for projects from residences and cars to super yachts, and customized inlays for one-of-a-kind furnishings.

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We capitalize on design, engineering and chemical expertise to translate our in-depth knowledge of the natural components into pioneering product design. Nature Squared works with talented engineers, chemists and material scientists to discover how new materials can be developed and innovatively used. Combining this approach with our core focus on sustainable natural materials means we cater for the consumer who is increasingly interested in environmentalism and social responsibility, the individual who seeks out sustainable products but does not want to compromise on excellent design and quality.


An absolute commitment to the environment is a key element of our ethos, going beyond recycling and upcycling to include the meticulous sourcing of materials and safe, secure employment and opportunities for all of our staff in Nature Squared’s team of technical experts, as well as supporting the heritage and craft skills of master craftsmen and women in developing countries. Sustainability plays an integral role in everything we do.


Nature Squared is renowned for the highest technical and regulatory standards, quality control and seamless delivery and management of complex, high-profile projects. We are the only provider of IMO flammability-compliant natural materials to the super-yacht and cruise industries.

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If you would like to speak to us about any of our furniture collections, materials, wall coverings, or a bespoke project, please email or call us on the number below during standard UK office hours. Alternatively, please fill in your details on the form on this page (including an overview of your enquiry) and we will contact you.

Due to the nature of our materials and products, if you would like to see samples, we would need to visit you to present the options available.




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