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Why Eggshell?

Eggs are an eco-friendly bioceramic

250,000 tons of eggshell waste are produced annually worldwide.

Eggshell is a renewable bioceramic, absorbing carbon dioxide and serving as an absorbent decarbonating filter separating CO2 from industrial gases, in contrast to traditional ceramic and porcelain tiles where CO2 emissions are 180,000t a year.

Each square metre of CArrelé uses over 3,000 eggshells

Nature Squared has a history of working with eggshell and this new composite designed by Elaine Yan Ling Ng extends their expertise with an exciting new eco-friendly composite suitable for a wide variety of interiors.

Elaine Yan Ling Ng’s innovative design uses the calcium carbonate in eggshells for an eco-friendly wall tile maximising their inherent properties with zero CO2 emissions

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