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Nature Squared and Milan art collective Anotherview Present VIEW 20: Transcendence

a limited edition Architectural Art Installation x Meditative Spaces At NOMAD Private Collection, Dubai, from 1-30 March

This pioneering visionary collaboration merges the digital realm with the physical world, bringing together Anotherview’s 24-hour ‘digital nomad window into another time and landscape’, and an immersive, meditative space inspired by a Japanese tearoom, designed and made by Nature Squared.

NOMAD Private Collection

Villa 2, 103 Jumeirah St, Jumeirah 1, Dubai

A new way of thinking about nature, materiality & culture

The digital ‘window’ reveals a day in the life of a mature banyan tree in Ranakpur, India, filmed continuously for 24 hours in the middle of the monsoon season. Banyan trees, which typically live for two to three hundred years and symbolise immortality, are the national tree of India.

“The outstanding inherent beauty of the tree attracted both people and a delightful menagerie of animals throughout the course of one day and night, so that we were able to paint a portrait of the daily life of a rural Rajasthani community”

Marco Tabasso, Anotherview co-founder

Image 4
Image 4

The Viewing Experience

VIEW 20: Transcendence builds upon its original incarnation shown at the Rossana Orlandi Gallery during Milan Design Week 2022, and at 5VIE, Milan in 2023. The current iteration, also designed by Nature Squared’s Chief Material Innovator, British-Chinese textile weaver and artist Elaine Yan Ling Ng, deepens the viewing experience by adding a tactile dimension, a frame that evokes the humble yet captivating natural world unfolding in the digital realm, and creating a meditative space made of sustainable materials.


The digital window’s architectural frame pays tribute to temple architecture in India with a handwoven PASTORALE textile wall covering edged with strips of baked eggshell, bamboo reclaimed from construction waste, and columns made of TERRAMIQUE, a Nature Squared moulded material designed by Elaine Yan Ling Ng and produced from sustainably sourced crushed eggshell. At the base of the frame, the set of steps is assembled from CArrelé eggshell tiles.
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The sumptuous drapes of the two suspended, double-sided yet semi-transparent feature panels of pina fibre are handwoven ILIMITADA textiles, and frame a semi-enclosed backdrop. This unusual material stands out for its innovative handmade weave and yarn weft insert, which adds extra strength to the three-dimensional surface.

ILIMITADA floor mats

Six handwoven abaca mats arranged on a crushed eggshell CArrelé tiled floor provide seating in the viewing area. To one side is the window of a counter where Moko’s Matcha Milano will prepare matcha tea for viewers, completing the mindful personal experience. Visitors to the gallery may reserve here one of several experiences, from meditation, and yoga to matcha tea.

Image 8
Image 8

CArrelé screens, stools and an inlaid bamboo viewing bench

At the back of the contemplation area are a screen, columns, and stools, all made from the same CArrelé tiles, and, on one side, a 2.8-metre curved viewing bench with bamboo meticulously inlaid by hand in an intricate starburst pattern.

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