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You won’t be surprised to hear that many of the major luxury brands have growth plans in the cruise market and the ones that don’t are certainly hinting at it.

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Cruise Industry News recently announced the market capacity will grow 66.6 percent between 2018 and 2024 and one of the brands making significant investments in this area is Norwegian Cruise Line.

Norwegian Joy was launched in 2017 and whilst it has recently been relocated to America, it was built for the Chinese market. Nature Squared had the pleasure of working on a number of different spaces on board the vessel which included panelling artworks made up of linen fabric with a tree design in shell inlay for the 76 suites; bespoke liquid metal designs panels in one of the on-board restaurants and  jade panelling in the tea room.

Harry Sommer, EVP international Business Development for NCL said “It’s a fallacy that Chinese travellers seek a Western experience they want to taste international fare but experience the familiar.” Ultimately it was this combined approach of East meets West that has meant Norwegian Joy also has the flexibility to service the west coast of America and its Asian customers seeking a premium and luxury experience.


Tea Rooms

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Given its original target Chinese audience, the design themes were oriented around Chinese sensibilities.

 The significance of jade in Chinese culture dates back millennia. During the Han dynasty, the wealthiest Chinese noblemen were buried in jade suits made from hundreds of small jade tiles linked together, sometimes with gold thread. It was a lavish display of status. But it also suggested that jade offered protection from physical decay.

We’ve worked extensively with jade and have mined it in conjunction with indigenous tribespeople. Many believe jade is very useful for emotional healing. The soothing energy relieves irritability while helping to eliminate negativity and for this reason it created the perfect atmosphere in the tea room of Norwegian Joy, with artwork walling made of finely sliced and inlaid jade pieces in all their different natural shades.


Fabric with a shell inlay in a twisted tree motif would look stunning in most places but as anyone who works within the superyacht and cruise industry will know, there are stringent regulations in place as to what materials can be used, and those that do, need to pass International Maritime Organisation (IMO) flammability requirements.

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For this project we treated our chosen Trevira CS fabric to meet IMO Part 5/2 Certification. Once we had the fabric approved we then started on cutting and polishing the shells, arranging them in by colour and hand inlaying to create a tree pattern. Each room has a totally unique design and is a major selling point of the suites.

Also showcasing our IMO competencies, we have Nature Squared’s liquid metal panels cladding the Lido restaurant’s walls.

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