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Our materials usually feature in the areas that matter most to our clients and are highly visible to them. We are conscious of the responsibility this bestows. We aim always to deliver the pinnacle of quality.


For two decades, we have worked on many of the most eminent projects in super yachts, private jets, palaces and villas for the most demanding and discerning owners with supremely talented and renowned designers.

We are usually involved from inception of a project. The Bespoke process starts with the material and ends with the final product

The discretion required by this client base restricts what we can share of our Bespoke work.


While we already work with a wide range of often unusual natural materials, we are sometimes asked to offer something new. In such instances, we scour sources, both old and new, for likely new materials.


Although we have a library of over 3000 surfaces, we usually need to customise an existing surface to match the project need. This may call for changes in colour, scale, pattern, texture or cut. Some of these parameters may have structural implications.


The same surface used in vastly different applications will need a specific treatment: eggshell inlay in a bathtub, on a pen barrel or in a car interior calls for very different solutions.


As much as Bespoke is about our stunning and unique natural material surfaces, it is also about our service in realising the quality and complexity that we deliver in such projects.

This is made possible by our dedicated team that includes in-house design, project management, draughtsmen, engineers, renderers and chemists: all supporting our hugely talented and experienced master craftsmen.

All our production is wholly owned and controlled so that we can ensure a quality standard that is second to none.


Within Bespoke, we also service our Luxury Brands collaborations, where we provide components to brands as diverse as Rolls Royce and Mont Blanc.

Discuss your next project

If you would like to speak to us about any of our furniture collections, materials, wall coverings, or a bespoke project, please email or call us on the number below during standard UK office hours. Alternatively, please fill in your details on the form on this page (including an overview of your enquiry) and we will contact you.

Due to the nature of our materials and products, if you would like to see samples, we would need to visit you to present the options available.



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